As a journalist, Paul is an excellent information detective who made us think about some aspects of our business that we never thought about, which certainly helped the entire story-telling of Sonnet. His article has generated quite some traction from Germany, Italy, and France among which we got our first German retailer with his help. We are fortunate to have worked with Paul, and from how we see it, Paul is a great way to get your products introduced to the continental Europe market.

Randolf Gioro, Sonnet Labs

This is the first time we have worked with someone like this and it has been a pleasure so you have set the standard pretty high.

Daniel Odonohue, MapScaping.com.

“Thank you very much for sharing and the article looks great! We will be sure to share with our readers.”

Jessica Armstrong, GlampingHub.com

“From the beginning to the end very pro attitude!”

Beat Dietsch, Lightsandbytes.com